How well do you know your podiatrist? What qualifications do they actually have?

At Fancy Feet, our podiatrists Julie and Natalie are both fully qualified podiatrists, having obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in podiatry from Salford University. A full podiatry degree takes three years to complete and is not just about cutting toenails. It covers everything from cutting toenails, removing hard skin and gait analysis, right through to understanding how the various internal systems of the body work e.g. nervous and vascular systems.

They both have full training and certification to enable them to administer local anesthetic’s. This is used mainly for when they under take nail surgery procedures and verruca needling.

Julie and Natalie are both also registered with the HCPC and are member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Outside of Fancy Feet, they work at Stepping Hill Hospital and around the community of Stockport for the NHS. They have become more extensively trained in the high-risk foot and wound care, treating over 100 patients a week in the high-risk setting. They work alongside consultants and a full multi-disciplinary team at the hospital, both on the wards and in clinic, treating people with limb and life-threatening foot and lower limb issues such as gangrene, ulceration and bone infection. They regularly undertake full vascular assessments, otherwise known as ankle brachial pressure indices tests, to extensively test for issues with circulation. They are also fully trained in the use of larvae therapy (maggot therapy for wounds) and VAC therapy which is a vacuum assisted wound healing.

They are both fully IRMER trained which means they have undertaken many hours extra work to be able to refer patients for x-rays at the hospital without having to ask a GP for permission. This saves a lot of time if there are concerns regarding breaks, fractures or foreign bodies in peoples’ feet. They worked closely with a consultant at the hospital who signed off all their competencies in order to complete this training.

They also have a lot of experience treating people with various health issues such as diabetes; rheumatological disorders; Alzheimer’s disease; dementia; stroke victims; people with mental health issues; physical disabilities and much more.

Both Julie and Natalie are fully compliant in both Adult and Children Safeguarding training and are fully up to date with MCA and DoLs training.

They are both fully compliant in basic life support training, also incorporating defibrillator and anaphylaxis training.

In 2010, Natalie achieved a PgCert masters level qualification in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery. This enables her to understand in finer detail, the structures and issues of the foot and how various treatment methods can be carried out to resolve a wide range of issues. She understands in more detail what surgical methods are available to treat the more complex foot related issues that cannot be treated and resolved using normal podiatry treatment methods.

In 2016, both Julie and Natalie completed a full diploma course called ‘Certificate in Diabetes Care’ from The University of Warwick. This course enabled them to have a higher level of skills and extensive knowledge around diabetes and how it affects the whole body, that is at a higher level than their original podiatry degree.

Our podiatrists are also trained in verruca needling. This was again, a course and qualification to extend their scope of practice. This training also enables them to undertake a more advanced skill of ankle block anesthetic.

Both Julie and Natalie also regularly attend conferences to keep up with the latest podiatry knowledge and skills. This ensures their skills and knowledge is kept to a high standard.

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