Walk in clinics. Convenient or not?

A few weeks ago we were having a think about what else we could offer at our clinic. A common conversation we have with our patients is the fact they have to work appointments around schedules and work etc which we totally understand. We are the same. So, we put our thinking caps on.

How can we make it more accessible for people to get their feet done?

What if people didnt have to book an appointment?

Bingo! A walk in podiatry clinic.

Now. What day of the week would be best? Another difficult question.

Saturdays! As we run a 2 chair clinic, a Saturday would be the perfect day to trial this walk in clinic. We could keep one clinic room for booked appointments as people like knowing they can be seen at a specific time and one clinic for those who prefer the convenience of popping in whatever time is convenient for them.

Sorted! Lets give it a try.

We were a little unsure if anyone would turn up to this clinic as it was a very random thing to start up at Fancy Feet. But you never know unless you try it hey?

Thankfully, so far in the 3 weeks it has been running, it has been a massive success. Each week it has been very busy with people requiring a wide range of foot care and education. Were enjoying it so much, there could even be another walk in clinic in the planning on a weekday just to change it up a bit. Watch this space. Theres more to come!

Why not give it a try? Every Saturday morning from 9.30-12. All you have to do is turn up and literally walk in. On busy days there may be a little wait but everyone will be seen.

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