What have we been up to?

So we have been extremely busy lately both in clinic and behind the scenes.

We have been refurbishing our clinic and thankfully, are almost finished. We cannot wait to share these images with you once complete.

We have also decided the time was right to change and update our logo just to "freshen it up a bit". What do you think?

We have also been on a number of courses to expand our knowledge and skill set and ensure we keep up to date. One of the courses was called "Anatomy Lab Live" which was amazing and the content was superb. The focus was not just on the foot, but the body as a whole. We found this particularly exciting and interesting as we got to see first hand how certain issues such as COPD; Asthma; Diabetes; Cardiovascular disease and even various complications with eyes presents and how they develops. As podiatrists, although we treat you feet, we are also looking holistically during our assessments as your health in general is important to us. We found this course especially interesting as we got to be "hands on" and actually explore various aspects of the anatomy for ourselves. We even got to wear protective clothing and felt like real surgeons. When in Rome hey!

Anyway, that's enough jabbering on from us for now. We have a lot more in the pipeline and will be sharing all these amazing new things with you as they happen so stay tuned.

Nat and Julie :)

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