Fungal Nail Treatments!

Do you have a fungal infection of your nail? This is something we can help with at Fancy Feet,

Lacuna Method treatment for fungal nails is where tiny holes are made in the nail to allow the anti fungal prep (Lamisil) to penetrate through to where the actual infection lies, on the nail bed. Lamisil anti fungal spray is then to be used daily until signs of fungal infection are gone. This can be anything up to 18 months, so it is a bit of a commitment but it will be worth it in the long run. As your nail grows up, you should notice a nice healthy nail growing up and the infected fungal nail start to grow out. It is advised you see a podiatrist to have your nails cut until the fungal infection has cleared, as sterile instruments help prevent reinfection.

Before the procedure is carried out, we strongly advise having a sample of nail tested to ensure it is definitely a fungal infection. This is something we can do in clinic while you wait. This is advisable as nails can appear fungal but in fact, can just be damaged and discoloured for other reasons e.g. psoriasis; trauma; side affect medication etc.

We have been getting some amazing results with this treatment.

If you are unsure if this treatment is for you, why not book an appointment and have a chat with one of our friendly podiatrists who can do a full assessment and treatment plan for you.

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