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What is an ingrowing toenail?

Many people think they have an ingrowing toenail. A true ingrowing toenail is one that actually punctures through the skin.









Other reasons for the pain may be:

Very curved nails irritating the skin
Thickened nails causing pressure on the nail bed
A corn down the side of the nail
Hard skin building up down the side of the nail
Deformity of the nail
Footwear that does not fit correctly ie too tight at the toe-box


How can we help?

It is advisable to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists so they can undertake a full assessment of the toenail that is causing an issue.  By undertaking a full assessment, we are able to determine what treatment plan is best for you.  Sometimes, no treatment is necessary and something as simple as changing your footwear, or advice on how to cut your toenails properly can resolve the problem.

If treatment is required and it is found you do not have an ingrowing toenail, but an issue such as hard skin down the side of your nail, thickened nail etc causing the issue, we can treat this for you there and then and give you aftercare advise to try and prevent the issue reoccurring.

If you have a true ingrowing toenail that has penetrated the skin, or a thickened/deformed toenail that is causing discomfort, nail surgery may be advised advised.  Our podiatrists will go through the procedure with you and go through a full assessment form should you wish to proceed with nail surgery.  This procedure is done as a last resort, if there is no other treatment options available to resolve the discomfort from your toenail.

More information on nail surgery can be found here: 

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