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What is the difference between a podiatrist and chiropodist?
The difference is a podiatrist must be registered with a professional body (HCPC: Health Care Professional Council); have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Podiatry and are qualified to administer local anaesthetics.  A chiropodist has a diploma in podiatry.  Both are qualified to provide foot care treatment and advice.
How often do I have to see my podiatrist?

This is dependant on the condition of your feet.  There is no set time on how long you must wait in between visits to your podiatrist.  Each podiatrist will work with their patients to devise a treatment plan to the patients own specific needs.


Will my treatment hurt?

At Fancy Feet, we pride ourselves on making your experience as comfortable as possible.  Your podiatrist will never perform any treatment on your feet that is intended to cause any pain.  Sometimes treatments such as the removal of ingrowing toenails can cause some discomfort, but this is does not last for long and your podiatrist will make this treatment as comfortable as possible.  Normal routine podiatry and biomechanical assessments should not cause you any pain.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

If for any reason you can not keep your appointment, please inform us before your appointment time.  This will allow your appointment to be allocated to someone else.  If you ring and inform us, then your appointment can be rescheduled for another time to suit you.  If you fail to turn up for an appointment without informing us however, this may incur a charge.


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