Warm Wax Therapy

How does it work?

Warm wax therapy increases blood flow, tolerance for pain, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin.
It is intended to moisturise and soften the skin while providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints. It particularly benefits those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain and tendon injuries.


• Chilblains
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• Eczema and psoriasis
• Sore muscles
• Stiff joints
• Scar tissue
• Inflammation
• Muscle spasm
• Tendonitis
• Sports injury
• Scleroderma
• Bad circulation

Conditions that benefit from therapeutic wax treatments:










What the treatment entails

Your feet will be exfoliated and then submersed in a warm foot spa containing a vegan foot soak and soaking salts (Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, Epsom salt)

Following this your feet will be thoroughly dried and an infused lavender oil will be massaged in to your feet. 

The application of the wax will take around 10 minutes to complete. We use single, hygienic wax pods and a warmed soft brush to apply the warm wax giving a luxurious & relaxing experience. Your feet will then be encased in cling film, and wrapped in warm towels.  The wax is then left for around 10 minutes until set.  After this time, the wax will be peeled off and a luxury balm will be massaged into your feet, leaving your feet silky smooth.

Patient Reviews

Mrs C" It was like having a facial but on my feet. My feet were left extremely soft and I will certainly be booking in again."


Miss D: " A very relaxing treatment. It really helped soothe my achey joints. I would highly recommend this treatment."

Mr O: " It was a nice change adding this to the end of my treatment. I suffer with a lot of dry skin around my heels but this treatment really helped bring moisture back into my feet and left them very soft."

Paraffin wax treatments are NOT SUITABLE for those with uncontrolled diabetes, people with varicose veins or vascular abnormalities, broken skin/open wounds or for anyone with an allergy to any of the ingredients.